List of products by brand ALERTE

Here you will find the ALERTE brand models.

The ALERTE series is now 10 years old and has quickly become the benchmark for fire fighting vehicles.
Almost all the categories of models in service in France from 1960 to today have been reproduced, with a strong preponderance for current vehicles: there are therefore CCF, CCGP, DA, FPT, VSAV, VSR, CCRM, CCGC, etc. ...
We have chosen to make our models in resin which has the enormous advantage of being able to reproduce the most meticulous details, and this has allowed us to make the multiple accessories of these machines perfectly faithful to the original: reels, scales, beacons, light bars, various valves, fire hoses, tools such as fire bats, shovels, masses ...
At ALERTE, there is no standardization, each model has its own rim and tire (with its sculpture faithfully reproduced too).
It is thanks to this quality and to reliable and regular production that we have become a supplier to the most important manufacturers of fire fighting vehicles such as GALLIN-DESAUTEL, for whom a perfect miniature is the essential promotional item.