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Visitors, said to be private individuals, have the possibility of creating a "Visitor" customer account in order to establish a "Wishlist" (wish list), which they can send to their reseller directly by email.

Resellers can therefore place their order directly on our site using this list received by email.


The prices on our site are exclusively reserved for professionals, all our prices are "without taxes".

Please note, this price list is subject to change without notice.

In addition, the individual will have no access to these prices.


MOMACO reserves the right to integrate an overcharging of 30% for any new customer who, although provided with a SIRET number or a K-Bis Extract, would buy items for a non-profit or for personal needs : it can be “Clubs, Associations law of 1901, traders whose main activity is not the model or the toy, auto-entrepreneurs without specification of specialization, professionals of another branch, etc…”


For the first orders: obligatorily in Pro Forma, and this for 12 months (with a maximum invoicing, once every 3 months).

Below, the different payment methods available after this deadline of Pro Forma:

• In cash by check with 2% discount (in this case, checks must imperatively reach us 8 days maximum after dispatch of the parcel, even if you have not yet received the invoice; the amount to be paid is always entered on our delivery notes).

• By draft at 30 days end of the month (do not forget to provide us with your bank details).

• By Carte Bleue (establish the deadline with us).

• By check (establish the deadline with us and in this case, imperatively mention your customer code and invoice number on the wording).

• By bank transfer (establish the deadline with us and in this case, imperatively mention your customer code and the invoice number on the label).

Late payment: any late payment will send the next delivery in Pro Forma. Under the terms of Law No. 80 335 of 12/05/80, all goods remain the property of Momaco until full payment of the invoice.


Within 48 hours if requested, otherwise within 8 days (subject to availability for certain brands: contact our local representative or our store). The goods travel at the recipient's risk: it is strongly recommended to check the condition of the packages and the goods delivered by the carrier in the presence of the delivery person, in order to make reservations or file a complaint.


Any claim following missing or defective items must be made by telephone or by email within 7 days of receipt of the goods to your order preparer exclusively. Indeed, following abuse, after this period, we will no longer accept any complaints.


No return of goods is accepted, except in the case of defective, but necessarily after agreement with your order preparer or with the sales department.

Returns, if accepted, must be made in their original packaging without any brand or label of any kind added; thank you kindly indicate to us the defect justifying the complaint via our return slip provided for this purpose (see your order preparer or your sales representative).


For a first order, a minimum of 250 € HT is required.

You can pass it on to our representative, on the MOMACO website, by phone, or by E-mail.


The minimum to trigger an invoicing by our services is 150 € HT (excluding participation fees).

Participation france:

We invoice you the sum of 13.00 € HT per invoice for 2024.

This price includes the costs of packaging, preparation and shipping of the package (s) for mainland France.

For Europe, an evolving tariff is applied according to the country (Belgium, England, Portugal, Germany, Holland, Italy, Spain ...).


Items not delivered during the first shipment are kept in balance until the representative's next visit. Unless otherwise advised by the customer with a written request, the backorders is never canceled at the end of the year.


It is never sent backorders of an order worth less than 120 € HT unless requested or special case.

New products ordered but not delivered due to delay in publication are always kept in balance.

All of our remaining orders are managed the last week of each month.


The release date appearing on the sheet of our products is a forecast date. This is only indicative because we depend on our many manufacturers.

You can nevertheless add the product to your order if it is not available at the moment or is in pre-order; we will send it to you as soon as it is released or replenished.

Our stocks are in constant movement and are managed on the site thanks to a label system *, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy on this one.

However, if an ordered product does not appear on your invoice when the order placed on the site is shipped, it will be automatically switched to your remaining order.

If you do not wish to keep it in balance, please notify us in order to update your order.

 * Legend of our "Label":

GREEN label: product available on our premises.

ORANGE label: product available in our premises but in very limited quantities.

RED label: product already released but unavailable on our premises, to be ordered from our suppliers.

BLUE label: future product to come (to be released or re-manufactured).


Please note: it is possible that a product has the status of an item "Not available - Product not currently available", it is simply a defective product and / or returned to our supplier and therefore not available at the time.

We cannot therefore certify that the product will be delivered in your next order. It will then be necessary to wait for a new delivery from our supplier.

Note: all products on the site are available from our suppliers. If a product becomes sold out, it will be removed from the site automatically.

Information regarding the status of a product (available, factory exhausted, etc.) will be provided to us when placing our order with our supplier, so a product may be available today, but switch to "factory exhausted" status following a restocking order from our supplier and therefore not available.


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For any litigation, the court of Paris is only qualified.

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