Small update concerning the

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Small update concerning the

Dear all,
Small update concerning the "Gendarmerie" license.

At the end of 2019, the National Gendarmerie wished to protect its image and its “brands”, such as the GIGN and the Republican Guard (among others), by calling on a license agent to develop its revenues in the marketing of derivative products.

Unfortunately, the cost requested for the use of official licenses being exorbitant, we have preferred to abstain for the moment.
In order not to be left behind, and that you can complete your collections with quality models such as our ALARME and PERFEX, since this year, we are therefore providing "blue intervention" models, without any "Gendarmerie" marking. ".

As we always say, do not hesitate to see your respective dealers to possibly complete your models with suitable decals (if they exist), many artisans having had them printed in the past.

Best regards,

Momaco Company

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